Nepal Byayam Mandir, the last stop for your fitness life style

The very first fitness club in Nepal. Come and enjoy the history in present.

NBM Welcome to Nepal Byayam Mandir

Welcome to Nepal Byayam Mandir, the last stop for your fitness life style. Nepal Byayam Mandir is the Oldest Fitness Center in Nepal; also a very first sports organization in Nepal.

The history of Nepal Byayam is as old as the history of democracy of Nepal. Immortal Martyr Dharma Bhakta is the master of body building of our country and the real model for Nepal Byayam Mandir.

After 1980 A.D, Nepal Byayam Mandir has been involving very enthusiastically in the National and International body building competition with its dominance. The product of this society has proved that Nepal is also not behind in the area of this game because they have participated in many international games. Thus, the player must appreciate for that achievement. With their adequate participation, they are being praised all over till this date.

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  • Really Enjoyed being in History in present. Great experience to workout at Nepal Byayam Mandir. Good Luck NBM
    Ms. Precious Andrew, USA
  • It was everlasting history and memory for me working out at Nepal Byayam Mandir with Mr. Roshan Maharjan in 1998. I am missing NBM.
    Mr. Roger Arnold, A photo-Journalist from USA (Currently in Thailand)